dec 9

today was the last day of platfrom my speech finally reached 8 minutes today i feel comfortable to do a compentency on it. i feel like each day got better my overall grade was a b+ so feel good

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Ty hill zingertales

Speaking Techniques

                While watching these videos it becomes apparent of what not to do in a performance and what to improve in a speech. In watching these speeches it’s apparent of how I can improve while giving a speech. What body language to use, what mannerisms to have, what posture, how to use our voice vocally and how to carry our body while performing. I learned on how to improve from these top three videos: “The Greedy Old Fat Man” by Carl Schanke, “Grandmas Buttermilk Biscuits by Elisha Winter and “The Rat Catcher” by Aaron MiCastro.

                In the “Greedy Old Fat Man” they displayed a man who loved to eat. This man who ate his 100 biscuits a day and a barrel full of milk, the cat, the old dog, the cow, and when attempting to eat the squirrel the repercussions came and it eventually killed him. The moral of the story is to not be greedy and be content with what you have. The biggest thing that I learned from this story was to keep your voices different and not to be afraid to exaggerate.  Carl Swanke did a good job of making his voice bigger and deeper when he was talking about the greedy man. He also changed his voice when there was a different animal. His facial expressions were great when doing the double take. I hope to learn and apply this to my speeches.

                 In the “Grandma’s Buttermilk Biscuits” the granddaughter was completely appalled when she discovered what was in the biscuits. When she figured out that it was the chew the made those biscuits the best she decided that she didn’t want to eat those biscuits anymore. The biggest thing that I learned from this speech was how important it is to keep certain mannerisms with each character and not to get them confused. Grandma always had a bit in and sometimes the bit would go away when the grandma was talking. I will try to apply keep the difference in a character at all time. To zone in and to realize how important it is to keep character.

                In the last speech I watched “The Rat Catcher of Hamlin” by Amanda NiCatro. In this speech was conveyed how important your family is.  That you never know what you have until its gone. This biggest thing I learned from this speech was how important it is to draw your audience in . NiCarto did a wonderful job of using her voice to entertain her audience. The first words that came out of her mouth you stopped what you were doing and listened.  I also learned how important to use your hands and body wisely. You never want to become to distracting to your audience. You want them to focus on what you’re saying and draw them in. you don’t want them to be listening and then all the sudden they lose focus because you had a huge hand movement. i learned many things from this video and I am excited to put them to work in my speeches.



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tiger cant sleep

Ty Hill
Tiger Can’t Sleep Analysis
The main voice in this speech is the young boy. I am assuming that it is a young boy by the way that he talks and the use of his imagination. Most grown men do not imagine a Tiger inside of their closet making noises so that they can not sleep.
The other main voice in the paper is the Tiger. He does not necessarily talk until the very end of the speech when he is crying and wants someone to sleep with.
The main point of the story is the Tiger is bothering the young boy while he is trying to sleep. The Tiger, is banging on drums, doing acrobats, and flicking on and off the light switch, he is also making as much noise as he can. So the young boy and the Tiger go back  and forth because the young boy is trying to sleep and he cannot. In the end  the Tiger is crying and finally asks to go to sleep with the young boy. So when the young boy agrees, and finally thinks that he can go to sleep the Tiger starts to snore, and the young boy can not sleep at all.
The piece is taking place in the young boys bedroom. I can infer this because there is a closet and a bed. It is mainly directed to those two areas, nothing else in the room is generally mentioned.The environment is inferring that is is night because the young boy is trying to sleep.
There are no other characters mentioned in this speech.
I made no other cuts to this speech because I wanted to perform the entire short story.I would never cut anything out of this speech because it is perfect the way that it is. Also, it would not make any general sense to cut anything out of this speech.
I choose this speech because of the title. A lot of times people call me Tiger, and I thought I might be able to relate to this story. I also liked the plot. I like to sleep, and I can relate to how the young boy just wants to sleep because I have felt that way before.I enjoyed this story, and I liked performing it.
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dec 7

i was better prepared on wednesday. i had a outline of what i was going to say and i also had made a time of seven minutes. which with a little more practice i kno by compentency time i will be at least a eight minute minimum. im feeling better each day about this speech.

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dec 5 analysis

my speech on what should be done worldwide to improve womens rights. it was the first time i had done it. my came out at 5 minutes and 45 seconds. which was good for a first time. being a persuasive speech for competency it has to be 8 minutes minimum.  i had five sources and i didnt have my speech well organized. but with practice it will get better.

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Efaw analysis

Amy Efaw analysis  ty hill

A.)  The speaker was Amy Efaw. She is a mother and a wife to a husband and five children. These children are very successful and do not seem like the typical children. The girls are involved in sports usually boys play, and her son is also athletic. Her eldest child is going to the same school that she went to West Point, along with her new graduate. She has a junior in high school who is the kicker for the football team. She has a son, and a little girl who thinks that she is the adult of the family. She leads a very busy life raising her five children and being a wife.. She discussed how when it came to the new chapter in life after graduation that she had two college choices: West Point and the University of Illinois. With a boyfriend and friends in tow she had already made plans on going to the university until she got her acceptance letter from West Point. She was not too excited, but who would be when all your plans are being destroyed? She found her husband at the same educational center. They began their life together moving all over the country. A few places she has lived are Germany, and Oklahoma. Now, their family resides in Colorado, where they are finishing the raising of their children. This speech was the first that she has given to college students, though she has given many before. Amy Efaw is a WestPoint graduate, which is listed as the 10th class of women. Amy did five years of active service and many years reserve as a major. Her husband was a classmate whom she married six months after graduation.. She has had a job as a freelance journalist, which in my opinion sparked the fire to write the two books she has written. The books include: Battle Dress, and After.

B.)  The speech took place in the Iowa Wesleyan College Chapel. This room has recently been remodeled to show off its intricate architecture with creamy browns, tans and neutral colors. He had an estimated 30 x 50 foot stage to use to his advantage. The acoustics in the room are some of the best. In my previous experience you could whisper on stage and be heard in the balcony.. This chapel had balcony seating, and seating below. The chapel is a beautiful setting and a great place to present a speech.. The chapel is surrounded by speakers. The bottom level seats where crowded, but the upper level was empty. There were lots of technical malfunctions.

C.)  The speaker’s main point was to not back down when encountering a battle. She said,” You will face many battles in life”. She said that when encountering it is pointless to run because the end result is very rewarding, because we learn. She discussed her life, and her children’s. She talked about the books she has written, Battle Dress and After. These books discuss how the characters both come into huge encounters in their life yet overcome them in the end. In the first book Battle Dress Efaw discussed how the biggest thing the character overcame was being a leader. She read aloud the situation, in which the character felt that she had let down all her team mates, and how she should just give up. One of her friends had dislocated her shoulder, and had defeat written across her face. The character had no idea how to lead her team now. In the second book After it is discussed how a pregnant teenager deals with her baby. Throughout the entire pregnancy the character denied that she was even pregnant. Then when she was lying in her own blood giving birth to her child, in massive amounts of pain, she still denied it. When the baby was there in her arms she still once again denied. So she tied that baby into a black trash bag, went to the dumpster, cleaned up and pretended like nothing had happened. Thankfully, someone had come along to save the baby in time. In the book it discusses how someone who realized that they were capable of that much power deals with the consequences of what she accomplished. Amy Efaw wants to get the point across that no matter what battle comes to us, we face it, and hopefully we will conquer it. The speech started with Mrs. Efaw talking about boot camp at west point for her, and the similarities with the boot camp the character in the book went through. Then she talked about the transformation from adolescence to adulthood. She also talked about the decision point in her book after. Efaw used many quotes but the ones that stood out are: as you like it by William Shakesphere, 100 years by five for fighting, 30 years by Tim Mcgraw, and the colors by Nathalia Crane. The one by Crane sticks out the most because it the one quote that she said kept her going. Then she explained the definition of a battlefield which she said was a hostile encounter or engagement where opposing forces meet. Then she talked about a tool kit for lifes transitions. Which are communication, problem solving, and values.

D.) With her slide show Amy Efaw was very organized. But a slideshow mix-up caused a slight crumble. She got a bit upset with with the technology people which was shown by her body language. Her eye contact at times was weak. She basically read slides on certain things. But she also made good eye contact at times. She also looked at her notes from a period that ranges more than a time of 5 or more seconds.

E.) my opinion on Amy Efaw’s forum is one of mixed feelings. The information and organization was great. But the technical malfunctions and her lack of control of the boiling anger inside of her which was obvious downgraded her speech to me. If I were giving her a grade it would be average to poor at best.






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ali selim analysis

Ty Hill Speech Analysis- Ali Selim a) Ali Selim is film maker from Los Angeles, California. He directed the movie, “Sweet Land” and “Play the Game.” He was a reader and majored in psychology. The movie Flipper, a very old movie, was the start of his interest in movie making. He had a “Do it yourself” idea on life. He believed the ability to write and communicate are important qualities to have. He had the chance to write and direct a movie about a gift card after doing busy work for other directors. b) In the Chapel, the temperature was just perfect. Not too warm and not too cold. He had a clip of his film on the screen behind him but didn’t play it. He said he only had it up just in case the audience was falling asleep. c) His presentation was about the whole process he went through to publicize his movies. His main movie that is more famous is Sweet Land. Sweet Land is a movie that took him forever to produce. It cost a lot of money. He said that it cost him more money to market the movie than the actual making of it. He basically talked about the process of making movies the entire time. d) The speaker talked way too much and made his presentation boring. He was monotone and had no expressions in his presentation. It was hard to follow the importance of what he was saying because it was boring. Besides being boring, he made good eye contact and had good enunciation and articulation. e) As being a director, I think his presentation could have been more exciting and interesting than it was. He could have shown more emotion in parts of his presentation to make the audience more interested in him. From his presentation I learned that making eye contact is a good thing to do. He held the audience’s attention jus by maintaining eye contact

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Keep Out Analysis

Keep Out Analysis

Ty Hill

Keep Out is a short story that portrays a young boy. This young boy is the voice in this story and he is speaking and yelling to his audience, mainly anyone who would understand him.

The main plot line in this story is he young boy voicing his opinion on why he wants people to stay out of his room. He is a young boy that I am assuming to be in the young awkward stage where you do not really want your mom to be around. He has a messy room, and his mom does not appreciate it too much, so she tries to clean it. Though, the young boy, freaks out, and yells excuse at her as to why his room should not have to be clean. He explains that he has a tarantula that he named after this girl that he really like. One day, he finally had her over, and an eyebrow hair fell out of her head. So, the real reason as to why he does not want his mom to clean his room is because he does not want that eyebrow hair to be cleaned up. He is nervous that is will be sucked up in the vacuum, and he thinks that he can make a wish on it. So that is the main reason why he does not want his room cleaned up, and all he wants is for his mother to stay out of his room.

In this piece, his mother, father, sister, tarantula, and the girl he likes are portrayed. His father is talked about in a negative way because he thinks the only time he pays attention to him is when he wants something. He mother is portrayed and a nagging woman who just wants to clean his room all the time. So, in most of the story he is yelling at her. His sister is brought up once because his room used to be hers, and because of that he could have no friends over for a month because it still smelled like a girl. The tarantula is brought up many times, because it is his best friend. The girl he likes is brought up many a times also because she was invited up to his room.

The place where this story is taken place is in this young boy’s house. It is taken place in his room, and from my interpretation on the end of his bed. I think that during the story he also lies on his bed and paces in his room. I can draw these conclusions because when I find myself agitated, or angry those are things that I might do while in my room. Also, it wasn’t too long ago that I was at the awkward adolescent stage, and I am the same gender. I can definitely relate to him because I used to be in his same shoes once. When I didn’t want anyone in my personal space, and I think that that is what this young boy is getting at in the short story.

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analysis of poems

The poems I chose are all on suicide. I picked them so that when I interpret them I can push my interpretation limits. The voice will be very important for me. I picked them because I knew they would be a challenge. I want to know how broad my horizons are. I have noticed that all of the poems the writers voice is lonely not loved a feeling of not belonging. I know lots of people around the world daily seriously think about commiting suiside. I beleive that its one of the worlds issues that does not get the exposure that I feel it should get. I think it will be a good challege for me to present, which is why i chose suiside
(No name)
Nobody cares, about the quiet, the nameless.
Nobody cares about the stoners, and the drugies, and the nameless.
Nobody cares about me.
If I slit my wrist, would you care?
If I was hanging from a tree would you save me?
If I was smoking pot, and throwing my life away would you dare?
Would you dare to stop, and even try to care?
So let me slit my unwanted throat,
And by in the morning have hoped to choke.
And let me sit in a dark alley, with my only friend the rats,
While no one searches, no one dare
Try to save me or dare to care.
Let me dangle from a rope,
Wrapped around thy stupid tree.
And let me dangle as the cars go bye,
Without a care in the world, for the one who has just died.
Or let me pull the black, shiny trigger,
And let my heart stop.
Let the pain go to my head.
Or maybe my chest, yes, let the pain go to my chest.
Then my lungs will stop moving, and my heart will stop beating,
And I will be again
A nameless poet, with many a sin.
And would you care

A waste of Breath
I dream of being anywhere but here
To run away from what I fear.
Something that will change this and that
Something not as complicated as math.
The pain inside is just to real
And I can’t hide how I really feel.
I begin to feel the tears come out
I want to scream, I want to shout!
As I cut myself I think of how this should end
And as my wrist start to bleed
I grab a pen
And write a goodbye letter to all my friends.
I sit there, upon, the wet red floor,
And my life is there no more.
I wish there was an easier way,
To simply say
But in the morning they find that thing,
The one that stole my life.
And all the ones that really cared now begin to cry.
Because they no I wasn’t happy, and my smile was simply a lie.
Now they see what problems that I had to fix
And the people play dirty tricks,
Too many people giving dirty looks.
And now they see, that, my life came from no Story book.

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Last Rung on the Ladder Analysis

The Last Rung on the Ladder Analysis

Ty Hill

In the short story of The Last Rung on the Ladder by Stephen King the young boy is the narrator in the story. The young voice is speaking to the audience, and telling the story of how he learned on of his biggest lessons in life; love harder before they are gone.

Larry the young boy was playing a game with his sister Kitty. They were in the barn playing when he noticed there was a huge pile of fresh hay in the barn. He then noticed that there was a latter that they could put up to a beam at the top of the barn. So Larry and Kitty had a dare game going to see if they could jump off the beam and land in the pile of hay. So after a few fun jumps, and noticing that there was a rung on the ladder that had gone bad, he had his sister jump one last time. Though, while on her way up the rung broke, and she was hanging on with only her hands.  Larry noticing that if his sister would fall, she would break a leg, or maybe even die, he moved fast. He grabbed as much hay from the big pile and moved it under her sister. Though, towards the end, she could not hand on much longer and let go, trusting her brother to catch her.

Later on in the story a letter is written to Larry before Kitty had committed suicide. She stated that she wished that the when the rung on the latter broke, it would have killed her.

This short story is taking place in Omaha, on an old farm, in a barn. You can tell because when the environment is being talked about, it is about fresh fields, and old barns, ect.

The major characters in this story are Larry and Kitty. Later on the father comes into play, when Larry is being discipline. It goes into detail on how severe the punishment was, but it was a great mistake also, for his sister could have died. Also, Kitty’s boyfriends are also brought up. Though, they are never talked about into detail because, they are not important.

This story was given to us in class with its own cut made. Though, if I were to do this on my own, I think that I would keep the cut made, and add the first half of the first page, and what the letter said. I think that by just having the original cut made I would be leaving out the whole main part of the story. With the original cut you only see the disciplinary part. You do not see why it happened, or what is happening years afterwards.

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