Last Rung on the Ladder Analysis

The Last Rung on the Ladder Analysis

Ty Hill

In the short story of The Last Rung on the Ladder by Stephen King the young boy is the narrator in the story. The young voice is speaking to the audience, and telling the story of how he learned on of his biggest lessons in life; love harder before they are gone.

Larry the young boy was playing a game with his sister Kitty. They were in the barn playing when he noticed there was a huge pile of fresh hay in the barn. He then noticed that there was a latter that they could put up to a beam at the top of the barn. So Larry and Kitty had a dare game going to see if they could jump off the beam and land in the pile of hay. So after a few fun jumps, and noticing that there was a rung on the ladder that had gone bad, he had his sister jump one last time. Though, while on her way up the rung broke, and she was hanging on with only her hands.  Larry noticing that if his sister would fall, she would break a leg, or maybe even die, he moved fast. He grabbed as much hay from the big pile and moved it under her sister. Though, towards the end, she could not hand on much longer and let go, trusting her brother to catch her.

Later on in the story a letter is written to Larry before Kitty had committed suicide. She stated that she wished that the when the rung on the latter broke, it would have killed her.

This short story is taking place in Omaha, on an old farm, in a barn. You can tell because when the environment is being talked about, it is about fresh fields, and old barns, ect.

The major characters in this story are Larry and Kitty. Later on the father comes into play, when Larry is being discipline. It goes into detail on how severe the punishment was, but it was a great mistake also, for his sister could have died. Also, Kitty’s boyfriends are also brought up. Though, they are never talked about into detail because, they are not important.

This story was given to us in class with its own cut made. Though, if I were to do this on my own, I think that I would keep the cut made, and add the first half of the first page, and what the letter said. I think that by just having the original cut made I would be leaving out the whole main part of the story. With the original cut you only see the disciplinary part. You do not see why it happened, or what is happening years afterwards.

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